Consultations studies:
  Our office has performed some studies that are expected to be effective and benefited from in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia by sharing these things with the private and public sectors in Japan.

We hope that all the people who desire to make use of these studies should contact us. We’ll do our best to explain these projects in detail. The Japanese sector is ready to contribute and invest in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Here are the projects:

  • Studies in using Ceramek tubes in irrigation.
  • Studies in using Robots in service fields.
  • Studies in the relationship between Saudization and Robots.
  • Studies in raising shrimps in the desert lands.
  • Studies in keeping food fresh for a long time.
  • Studies in guiding signals for cars on highways.
  • Studies in cultivating mushroom in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to export it to Europe.
  • Studies in cultivating great amounts of legumes in small areas.
  • Studies in sanitary drainage water.
  • Studies in recycling of garbage.
  • Studies in Tourism in Japan.