Our Activities:
   Trading services:
  1. Hosting Japanese businessmen and preparing for lectures of businessmen who can explain in detail the modern technology in Japan. We can invite Saudi businessmen to attend these lectures.
  2. Co-ordination for Japanese delegations to visit Saudi Arabia.
  3. co-ordination for Saudi delegations to visit Japan.
  4. Displaying some Japanese products that satisfy the needs of the people of Saudi Arabia.
  5. Translation from the Japanese language into the Arabic language and vice versa.
  6. Co ordination among Saudi and Japanese companies.
  7. Establishing exhibitions in Saudi Arabia and Japan.
  8. Offering necessary studies for students studying in Japan.
  9. Regulating tourist journeys to Japan with the agreement of the tourist offices of Japan and Saudi Arabia.
  1. Introducing investment studies with the country of Japan.
  2. Performing studies in the field of developing human resources.
  3. Performing studies in the field of Robots.
  4. Offering courses in of the Japanese language in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
   Contracting and maintenance:
  1. Doing developing procedure in all public and private sectors.
  2. Establishing educational laboratories for Robots.
  3. Prgrammes of basic data.